Please check your Spam folder

If you use a spam filter, on rare occasions regular emails or subscribed email magazines may be sorted into the [Spam] folder.
[Confirmation, how to deal with]

Check your Spam folder for the email you’re looking for. Also, if you do not want emails from that email address to be sorted into the [Spam] folder in the future, please refer to “Some emails you do not want to be sorted into the [Spam] folder” and set the filter.
Please check the rejection list

If you add to the rejection list, you will not be able to receive emails sent from that email address or domain (they will be automatically deleted from the Yahoo! Mail server).
Even if you don’t remember setting up to reject emails, you may have unintentionally registered such emails by accidentally pressing the “Report Spam” button. Please make sure you are not on the rejection list.
[Confirmation, how to deal with]

Check the rejection list, and if the email address (From) of the person who sent the email is registered, delete it from the rejection list. For details on how to check and cancel, see “How to cancel reception rejection” in “What is reception rejection?”
Disable the spoofed mail rejection function

“Spoofed email rejection function” is a function to reject emails that disguise the sender’s email address. Even if the email is necessary for you, if it is judged that there is a suspicion of spoofing, it will be subject to rejection of reception. Rejected e-mails cannot be received (they are automatically deleted from the Yahoo! Mail server).
【Confirmation method】

In order to check whether it is affected by the “spoofing mail rejection function”, please disable this function once and try to receive the mail. Please refer to “Disabling spoofing mail rejection” in “Rejecting spoofing mail” for how to disable it.


If you find that the necessary e-mail has been rejected by the “spoofing e-mail rejection function”, please add the sender’s e-mail address (From) of the necessary e-mail to the “relief list”. Please refer to “Adding Specific Email Addresses to the Relief List” for how to add them. To re-enable the “rejection of spoofing emails” function, please refer to “Rejecting spoofing emails” in “Rejecting spoofing emails”.
Please cancel the automatic forwarding function

If you have automatically forwarded emails received to Yahoo! Mail to another email address, the forwarded emails will be deleted from the Yahoo! Mail server and cannot be checked with Yahoo!
[Confirmation, how to deal with]

Please check if the email you are looking for has not arrived at the forwarding email address. Also, in the future, if you want to check Yahoo! Mail on your browser, please cancel automatic forwarding. For details on how to confirm and cancel the setting, please refer to “Cancellation of automatic forwarding” in “Automatically forwarding emails to other email addresses”.
Check your mailbox storage capacity

If you exceed the storage capacity of your mailbox, you will not be able to receive new emails. Undelivered mail will be returned to the sender.
[Confirmation, how to deal with]

We recommend that you always have at least 100MB of free space by deleting unnecessary emails or emails with attachments such as images.
Check folders other than [Inbox]

E-mails that match the filter conditions are sorted into the specified folders. If you have specified the [Trash] folder as the sorting destination, the email may have been moved to the [Trash] folder.
[Confirmation, how to deal with]

Please check if the email you are looking for is in a folder other than the [Inbox], such as the [Trash] folder. To check or change the filter settings, refer to “Sorting received emails to specified folders (filters)”.
Emails in the [Trash] folder may be automatically deleted by the system to reduce server load. Emails deleted from the [Trash] folder cannot be recovered, so please be careful not to put necessary emails in the [Trash] folder.